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Bringing together agency insiders and resources to help those who aspire to find their occupational calling in public, national, military or other federal services to contribute to the public good.

What we do

Our Unique Value


Connect job seekers to a wide variety of federal workforce experts who want to share their practical career advice, resume tips, and other job search lessons.


Present career advice and know-how from outside collective and unbiased sources so that job seekers can make better informed career decisions.


We strive to educate job seekers on how service and civic engagement together improves the health, security, and well-being of our Nation.

Who We are

Your Trusted Resource

Our Mission

Our highest mission is to increase awareness and participation of public, national, military, or other federal service professions for individuals who have a calling to serve.

Our Values


Individuals in career transition should have equal access to federal career resources, services and opportunities – at no cost.


Professional relationships are built on the regard for individual worth and human dignity


Each individual in career transition should strive to take responsibility for their own occupational and general employability.


Together, Committed to Your Future

Federal Career Connection, Inc., is an all-volunteer run program that consists of a cadre of federal insiders and workforce development experts, including hiring managers and trainers, who are grounded in community service and commitment to help individuals in career transition.

national need

Facing Challenges With Solutions

Our country and her citizens are facing many historic challenges today: the COVID-19 pandemic, a struggling economy, a climate crisis with rising carbon dioxide and temperatures, unbridled drug addictions throughout our communities and cities, rising cases of domestic terrorism, and much…much…more.

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